Suzanna Gratia-Hupp Speaks on the Second Amendment

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This is quite a few years old, sometime in the mid nineties (I think), but it is worth watching again if you have already seen it. Texas state representative, Suzanna ... Read more..

Extreme Human Flying

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wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo. Read more..

Late Show with Kevin James

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I love this guy. Definitely one of the funniest around right now. Read more..

Michael Jackson – Baby Beat It

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Couple 2nd Amendment Videos

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This is a great video from the Nuge. I echo his sentiments completely. Then this is just a funny video and has some 2A tie-ins. Read more..

Oregon Firefighters Fired For Speaking English

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50 Year Old Cartoon That Applies Today

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The foresight seen in this 50 year old cartoon is startling. We've already started down the path depicted in this video. Read more..

We Want Our Chicken!

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We report, you decide. :) There are no words. Read more..

A New Swine Flu Perspective

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Wish this had gotten more exposure a week ago: "Reminds me of 1976...we had a vote on the swine flu. Back then there was a panic on the swine flu and ... Read more..


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For those of you who have ever had a craving for some Chick-Fil-A on Sunday... Read more..