Gun Free Zones

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Gun Free Zone SignIt seems within the last 36 hours there has been at least 5 different shootings all within different states. The most recent one that just occurred happened in Louisiana at Louisiana Technical College. A female student shot two other classmates and then turned the gun on herself. Since it is school, I’m sure a Gun Free Zone sign similar to the one on the right, was posted somewhere.

It’s a tragedy that the shooter did not heed the sign’s instructions. Kind of reminds me of the Virginia Tech shootings that occurred in 2007. If only those shooters had followed the directions listed on the sign! I wish people would just obey the laws.

Actually, Gun Free Zones make me think of signs like those below:
Gun Free Zone Reality

Please don’t misunderstand me. It is truly a tragedy that these shootings continue to occur. And it’s also a tragedy that the Democrats and other freedom hater’s solution to this problem will be the demand for another weapons ban. We already saw this in 1994 when Bill Clinton signed the now expired “Assault Weapons Ban” into law.

This ban was completely ineffective at stopping crime, but no one ever talks about that. The point is, weapons are not the problem. It’s the people and the mentality of “Gun Safe Zones”. I guess bank robbers would turn around when they see signs on bank doors stating that guns are not allowed inside, right? Deadly shootings do not occur when the intended victims are known to be armed. It just doesn’t happen. When was the last time you heard about a deadly shooting at a Gun Range?

Am I saying all shootings can be prevented? No. I am saying people will think twice about who they rob, threaten, or attempt to victimize in some other manner if they know there might be a chance the victim has a weapon.

Other than my thoughts and prayers for all the victims of these past few days events, I’ll leave you with this thought: More people are killed every year on the roadway because of drunk drivers than people who are killed by a gun. Often times a gunman who is convicted will lose his right to own a firearm forever. Should we start taking away people’s privilege to drive forever when they are convicted of DUI?

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